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Dear all Directioners,

You MUST reblog this everytime you see this on your dash. No exceptions.

What if you have post limit? XD

i’ll never not reblog this~~

i’ve probably reblogged this more than niall’s ate at nandos. i think that’s pretty hard to beat too. 

^ reblogged it more times than lou and harry have banged

reblogged it more times zayn has looked in the mirror

reblogged this more times that nialler has eaten nandos  :)

reblogged it more than liam has cried during toy story

hahahah omg dont have to tell me twice. reblogged.

I’ll always reblog One Direction (‘:

Reblogged more times than Zayn has said “Vas Happenin?”

Reblogged this more times than Liam running away from Spoons.. 

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